Prayer Requests

Prayers are said daily at St Peter’s, at 8.30am and 5pm.  We invite you to request prayer for people or situations that weigh heavily on your heart and mind at this time so that we can include them on a regular basis.  Unless you ask otherwise, we will pray for them for two weeks from the time we receive your request.  You would also have to let us know if you would also like the prayer to be used in Sunday services.

If you would like to ask for a prayer, you may telephone, email or write to the Rector, or you may prefer to leave the prayer on the board beside the door in church.  If you name somebody, please be sure that they are happy for this to happen; you may choose to use just a Christian name or be even less specific. You are; of course, welcome to join us for daily prayers at any time.

You are welcome to submit a prayer request online. Please use the message form on the Contact Us page.