Julian Group

Keeping two minutes silence has become all too familiar recently. Waiting without conversation, such as in queues or travelling on public transport is equally familiar. So the idea of a group of people sitting in contemplative silence together is not as strange as it might at first seem.

The Julian meetings encourage people to practise contemplative prayer in their daily lives and to explore ways of doing this which are appropriate for them. They support individual ecumenical Julian meetings – groups whose members meet regularly to practise Christian contemplative prayer together. The membership is ecumenical.

At a meeting, a theme such as "Be still and know that I am God" is chosen to focus our minds before we sit in silence just to be open and aware. Often a candle is lit and quiet music played to quieten our busy minds. If our thoughts wander we can gently bring them back again. We have 10-30 minutes silence as appropriate for that particular group. Afterwards we socialise with the usual cup of tea, possibly exchanging our experiences or just chatting. Regularly practised, it is surprising how much richer life becomes.

At Leckhampton, we meet on the first Thursday of the month at one of our members’ homes. The address is given in St Peter’s weekly newsletter. Do come along if you would like to explore this experience – you would be most welcome – or get in touch with me if you’d like to learn more.

Contact Helen Taylor via the Parish Office