Ground Maintenance Team

Officially we are known as the Ground Maintenance Team.

We make the churchyard look beautiful.

Want some company?

Want some exercise?

Like the open-air life?

Enjoy a cup of tea and a chat?

Ever used a rake?

Would you like to repair dry stone walls?

Can you spare a couple of hours a year?

We need reliefs for people on holiday when the grass goes barmy.

We need help raking the leaves in November.

We need help to keep the ground ivy down in the spring.

Why not join the few.

Sign up - your churchyard needs you.

If you want to help out, please contact Iain Hime Via the Parish Office

Aren’t we lucky? We live on the slopes of a lovely hill and we have access to one of the most beautiful churchyards in the country. I hope you have managed to spend a little time in its tranquil surroundings this summer; have strolled through its 3.5 acres of gently drooping headstones and admired the rustic gardening that keeps it a place of easy beauty. Your Ground Maintenance Team (GMT) is proud of the results of its labour and nothing pleases us more than meeting regulars and visitors who clearly share in the delights on offer.

From March to November most of our time is taken up in keeping the grass down to a reasonable level and clearing and cleaning the Garden of Remembrance (yes, yes we will get a new sign soon with the correct spelling – just keep prodding Brad Coates) and the cottage gardens. We are particularly grateful to the ladies on the team – Leslie, Margaret and Margaret – who have raised the level of orderliness over the last few years and widened the topics of conversation at our Saturday morning tea ceremony.

We find the variation quite exciting, fixing dodgy headstones, rebuilding sections of the dry stone walling, levelling, pruning and tidying up after nature’s excesses. All in all it is an all year round task and we are lucky to have a good team of volunteers. If you feel you would like to help why not speak to either Chris Jowett or to myself, Iain Hime, on a Saturday morning. Even a handful of Saturday mornings at critical times would be great.

But, whatever you do, do come and enjoy your Churchyard and let us know what you think of it.

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