Grapevine is the name chosen to link a number of modest enterprises aimed at keeping old friends in touch and opening the door to new friends, both within and beyond St Peter's. The name "Grapevine" suggests communication, which is our first objective.

Before the St Peter's Branch of the Mothers' Union closed in 2005 many of us enjoyed regular programmes and events that drew us together and enabled us to keep in touch with one another. (The downside was that the administration became too much for the faithful Committee to carry on.)

Communication can be a problem. Unlike the more mature, the young, you may have noticed, constantly text each other. (It's cheaper than using the mobile phone). They do it all the time, wherever they, chat, chat. They do it surreptitiously when you are trying to talk to them. "Oh, just texting, Granny". But what do we do? Us senior generations, that is. Do we text each other with the latest gossip? Or send each other chatty emails? Well, I don't. I do have a bad habit of phoning people early, before nine. Not very popular! And I snort if people phone me late, because I go to sleep in my chair.

But seriously, if you've given up your car and your bicycle and running for the bus is no longer an option, life can get quite isolated. Feeling lonely and isolated is no fun at all. So some of us decided to get a few social activities going (hopefully involving an absolute minimum of administration).

The following events take place each month -

Reading Group

Coffee Mornings (Phyllis Pettman)

Monthly Bring and Share lunch;

A Canasta Group (Anne Goodrich).

Eve's Knit-in (Eve Stoate)

If you are interested in any of the above do get in touch. You might want to share other ideas too.

Contact Joan Vernon, Mary Paterson, Anne Goodrich or Edna Kemp via the Parish Office