Everyone who lives in the parish is entitled to have a funeral service at St Peters, whether they attended church or not.  Funerals are usually arranged through the funeral director of your choice who will contact one of the clergy on your behalf to arrange a date and time for the service, in consultation with the family.  We will then contact you to arrange to visit to discuss the requirements for the service and to support you at this difficult time.

If you wish, as some people do, to discuss the requirements for your funeral ahead of time then please do contact the parish office on 01242 513647 or to arrange an appointment with one of the clergy.  This can be very helpful to the family when it comes to arranging the funeral service of a loved one, as they will know exactly what is needed.

The Church of England website has some useful information about planning a funeral service, together with some psalms and prayers that may offer comfort to people who are bereaved.

If you are finding bereavement difficult following the loss of a loved one please do contact one of the clergy at the parish office to speak with them.

If you are considering a memorial in the churchyard, please discuss your plans with the parish office.  The churchyard regulations are available here.