Christians in the World

This is a forum in which issues can be explored and considered in a Christian context.  Sometimes we have an expert speaker, or we may have a more open discussion, or a visit to somewhere away from our home turf.  We also enjoy the occasional social event, which may also help raise funds for a good cause but is always about having fun and enjoying good company.  

We usually meet on the first Monday of each month, although this varies when required.  Meetings are publicised in the weekly St Peter’s newsletter and in the Parish Magazine – which also carries a brief account of the previous month’s event.  Have a look at the magazine online to see what sort of things we have been doing.

Anyone is welcome to attend, whether to join in with the discussion or just listen.  No-one will put you on the spot or ask you to do your party-piece.   Our welcome extends to anyone in the St Peter’s congregation, to members of any other churches, to friends, and to anyone interested.  There is no formal membership, no subscription, no need to apply to join – just turn up!

For further information, or if there is a topic you would like the group to discuss, please contact Stephen Gale via the Parish Office.