15th Cheltenham Brownies

The Brownie Programme covers three main areas helping 7- to 10- year-old girls towards greater independence and self-reliance, developing at their own pace, in a safe environment, with their peers. To that end, topics investigated include ‘Knowing yourself’ – being able to realise your own limitations, strengths, abilities, attitude towards challenges: ‘Thinking of your Communities’ – how you contribute to activities and challenges arising in groups to which you belong, as in home, school, church, leisure/sport, your local community: ‘Thinking of the World’ – channelling thoughts and actions to the world at large, charity issues, conservation, preservation, recycling – all moulding the citizens of tomorrow into more conscientious, caring, responsible people.

Activities undertaken to date include working towards Interest Badges – undertaken as individuals or sometimes as a group and covering a wide variety of topics; taking up RSPB membership allowing our programme to include a wider range of Nature topics; gathering items to add to the Melanesia Mission collection organised by Miss Paterson; having a musical ‘talent’ evening under the watchful eye of Mrs Faull (less musically aware joined in with voices or percussion). We occasionally have meetings together with other Brownie groups allowing all the girls to realise that they are not the only ones in the area, and just occasionally we manage to meet for a short while with the Guide Section, showing the younger members of the Movement how their Guiding future can develop.

The Pack took part in a weekend of sleepovers celebrating Thinking Day last February, and some will have the opportunity to take part in a Pack Holiday coming up in November – activities which help the girls to take more responsibility for themselves and their belongings, and developing their individual sense of sharing and caring for others, all whilst in a safe environment.

All these activities can only be provided if there are sufficient Adult Leaders to safely manage the numbers of girls taking part. Please feel free to come and share an evening with us - you may find it is something you would like to share during term time Thursdays.

Contact Lauren Baugh via the Parish Office

The new Rainbow Programme directs us through choices made by the girls themselves from two 'Roundabouts' at this time. 'Roundabout the World' and 'Roundabout Rainbows' cover topics on learning to live healthily, care for the 'planet', discover the natural world, sharing time and talents with others and helping each other to

       'Look at the world around;

       Learn everything you can;

       Laugh as you go along;

       Love this world of ours.'

Having made choices and completed the tasks to the best of their ability, the Rainbows are asked to think back over what they have achieved, what was their preferred activity, and then to make further selections for future programmes.

The Roundabouts allow Rainbows to receive badges for their involvement in carrying out the tasks, and encourage them to learn to make decisions and to prepare for the tasks to be carried out. Rainbows also enjoy playing a wide range of games and most love singing and enjoying the out-of-doors. Again, as with most groups, we would love to include more girls in the Guiding movement, but low numbers of Volunteer Adult helpers mean that waiting lists have to grow, and girls must wait for the possibility of a place becoming available before they are old enough to move on to the next section - Brownies, where there are also waiting lists for spaces within Units. Please give some thought to offering 1 hour a week to this very worthwhile Youth Movement - the rewards are plentiful, and fun is always a large part of each meeting.

Contact Lauren Baugh via the Parish Office

37th Cheltenham Rainbows