We are delighted that you’re thinking about baptism.  If you would like to arrange baptism (also known as Christening) for yourself or your child, please contact the Parish Office.  We will be happy to explain what happens during a Baptism Service and the role of parents and Godparents in the Baptism.  More information on this is also available on the Church of England website.

Baptisms are often carried out during the 10am Parish Communion service on a Sunday, but can also be held at other times, including as part of  a wedding service (as pictured above).  Please contact the Parish Office to discuss what arrangements are possible.

Babies and young children

During a baptism service a baby or child is baptised with water and welcomed not only into the community of St Peter’s but into the family of the worldwide church.  It is a celebration, a time to come together with family and friends to give thanks for the gift of life and a time to remember that your child is loved by God and is part of a wider community as they begin the first steps in their journey of faith.  

Big brothers and sisters who have already been baptised are invited to bring along their own baptismal candles, which are re-lit during the service.

Older children, teenagers and adults

The baptism service for older children and adults takes a similar format, but those seeking baptism for themselves as the next step in their faith  make the promises for themselves during the baptism service.  Please contact the Parish Office if you’d like to find out more about baptism for yourself  or for an older child.


St Peter’s also offers a service of Thanksgiving for the gift of your child.  Some parents might want to celebrate the gift of a child in a different way without the commitment that baptism involves. During the Thanksgiving service parents and families give thanks for the birth or adoption of a child and everyone prays for family life. It can take place in church with the congregation, or with just family and friends gathered, or elsewhere such as home, or even in hospital.

A Thanksgiving Service is not a Baptism. There are no promises to make about the Christian faith. The child will be blessed and prayed for, and supporting friends will promise to support the parents in bringing up their baby.

To find out more about a Thanksgiving Service contact the parish office.